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The Future of Car Rental
GetRenty is the first car sharing dubai platform featuring cars from private owners and car rental agencies with fully automated car rental process and transparent rental conditions.

Our platform is currently under development to bring you excellent product and astonishing user experience.
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Car sharing and rental cars in Dubai

Why private vehicles?
Dubai is the most crowded city in the world with over 500 cars per each 1,000 residents and this number is growing at 8.2% per annum
Utilization rates for private cars are less than 5% on average
Owning a car is not economically feasible if its utilization is lower than 15%
More and more people are willing to forgo the car ownership if relevant alternative to private car is available
Why car rental agencies?
Even after 100 years since the industry was established, the customer has to spend 20-40 mins at the rental counter to pick up the car:
Offline check of driver's identity and eligibility for driving and payment
"Surprise element" – the car model is known only at the counter, even if the customer booked it online
Other conditions of rental (e.g. insurance coverage and excess, special requirements for tourists, young driver, etc.)
Why Start up GetRenty
The platform, which allows car owners to list their cars and connects them to carefully screened and approved drivers
Featuring vehicles from private and commercial owners in one single platform
Insurance coverage by global leader in motor insurance, which supersedes the owner's insurance at the time of car rental or car sharing
Instant access to the shared vehicle through the telematics devices installed in the car
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